Miley Cyrus Is Doing the Impossible

RCA Records

There’s something intriguing, fascinating, and captivating about Cyrus as a figure. The term problematic is heavily associated with white artists attempting to genre-bend, then told to stay in their lane. Cyrus is one of the few who constantly missteps with a lack of awareness. Her new EP, a titled double-entendre, SHE IS COMING, is finally a step in a positive direction, slowly swinging towards the center of her voice and influences.

If you told anyone twenty years ago a pop star would feature a member of the Wu Tang Clan and RuPaul on an EP, they’d have a belly laugh. Yet, Cyrus does just that. The trap, hip-hop, queer influences are so present. What others may deem a swing too high, “Cattitude” has the pep and naughtiness of a Drag Race finale challenge— a call to and celebration of a now mainstream part of American culture. While RuPaul has the standout moments, the fact that a song like this exists is a win in itself.

If “Cattitude” and “D.R.E.A.M.” were not featured on this third of the upcoming album, SHE IS MILEY CYRUS, the EP would seem more cohesive. “Mother’s Daughter”, “Unholy”, “Party Up The Street”, and “The Most” feed into one another, sonically related and forthcoming. The ideas of sex, parties, and drugs are less rebellious. Instead of those notions being apart of Cyrus’s identity as they seemed on the ambitious Bangerz, they’re facets and sidenotes that allow her voice to rise in a soothing, but powerful way.

“D.R.E.A.M.” is a culmination and collaboration of all the desires the star has been informed to move away from. Fighting the typical structure for a rap feature, Cyrus offers Ghostface Killah to starkly end the song and transition into the second half of EP.

The standout and solid song from the EP must be its final,“The Most”, comparable to “The Climb”. The lyrics grapple with patterns and insecurities in a relationship. It’s vital, vulnerable, and commendable. Cyrus’s voice is effortless, never trying but to express.

Following Cyrus, her attempts to be something more or other than herself have been a treasure and disappointment to witness. Younger Now took the easy route to stay in her lane, but the road less traveled sometimes pays off. While others may turn their nose at her ambition, Cyrus will still create and have the opportunity to do so. We listen to hear what’s next, hoping she’ll find the sound and structure to highlight the breadth of her vocals and truth. If SHE IS COMING tells us anything, it’s to never underestimate or predict Miley Cyrus.

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