To All the Coats I’ve Loved Before (and Haven’t Worn in Months)

In honor of the current coat conversation.

A coat possesses a lot of power: It can transform an outfit, provide the wearer newfound confidence, and, obviously, keep you fucking warm. Yesterday, many people across the United States remembered this while watching the forty-sixth inauguration. Attendees including First Lady Michelle Obama, stepdaughter of Vice President Harris Ella Emhoff, and even Senator Bernie Sanders garnered favorable attention for their fashion choices. The gorgeous (and practical) layers reminded many of a prior time — when dressing up felt intentional and invigorating. It also inspired many to reevaluate their “coat game.”

Some people love handbags. Some collect shoes. I love and live for coats. I probably own too many. In my mind, I could never own enough. Although, now that I live in the suburbs they remain hanging in a storage closet. In the suburbs, I’d stick out like a sore thumb wearing my favorite statement pieces. During the winter months of the pandemic, I’ve only worn my hand-me-down North Face jacket. The forty-sixth inauguration inspired me to revisit the coats that make me feel fabulous, luxurious, and like myself. I wouldn’t say I am my coats, but they definitely reflect my personality, style, and experiences.

Once I got home from work, I spent an hour and a half doing my makeup, changing my hairstyles, and playing dress-up. All. For. You. (But mostly for myself!) Keep scrolling to look at hot pictures of me and read about my fave coats :)

My Secondhand Fur Coat: 9/10

I know I’ll get a lot of flack for this. When I bought this coat from L Train Vintage, I had no idea it’s comprised of real fur. I didn’t know much about fur coats and how much they retail for at secondhand shops. I debated spending the forty dollars on this coat (as I already owned way too many coats to begin with). I even left it at the counter believing I was going to let this baby go, but ultimately snagged it because thought it was worth it. It definitely was.

I never knew how soft and warm fur coats were. Of course I felt conflicted about owning a fur coat, but the more I read up on buying second hand fur coats the better I felt about it. It’s lightweight, but it also keeps me super warm. That’s hard to come by.

Secondhand Donnybrook ‘80s Coat from eBay: 7/10

I originally bought this coat because I saw Rihanna wear a black and white version of it. The pattern and bold shoulders compelled me to search on the world wide web to track down the ‘80s coat. I ended up finding this number listed on eBay for $100, but I haggled my way down to $60. (I told the seller I wanted to buy it for my twentieth birthday!) Tbh I haven’t worn this coat in a long time because one time someone told me it reminded them of Bill Cosby. (It was my now-boyfriend.) But fuck other people’s opinions, I’m gonna wear the shit out of this coat once I’m back in NYC.

Kate by Laltramoda Coat: 8/10

Thanksgiving 2019. Picture this: You’re walking down the streets of Rome with your family and stumble upon this random stylish boutique. You see this coat in the window. You have to have it. You try it on, and it fits like a glove. A few days later, you carry the coat in a separate bag on your flight home because it doesn’t fit in your carry on. Because you’re an idiot, you forget it on the plane.

That’s right, I left this stunning garment on the plane. Yes, I called the airport in hopes of reuniting with this beauty. Thankfully my parents live only thirty minutes away from Newark airport and could pick up it up. I am a lucky son of a bitch.

Miss Sixty Leopard Coat from AuH2O: 8/10

RIP AuH2O.* The now-defunct East Village vintage shop was a downtown hidden gem. I used to live three blocks away from the store and tried my absolute best not to go in every time I walked past. Their offerings were fantastic and affordable. I purchased this Miss Sixty leopard coat for I think $12? While the inner lining is now falling apart, this is still one of my top tier coats. It’s warm, and I love the classic cut and funky design. (I’m a sucker for big buttons!!!)

*AuH2O still runs an online shop via Instagram, Etsy, and Depop.

Zara Denim Coat: 6/10

I found this Zara denim coat my freshman year of college. I lived in London and would travel once a month to other places in the UK or Europe. For fall break, I spent a week in Madrid. I went shopping with friends one evening and found this long lady. I fell in love.

Like in many relationships, the infatuation period passed and the love fizzled out. While I love how it looks from the front, it bunches up in the back—making me look frumpy. It’s not even that warm, but it is good for layering. That’s about it.

Avec Les Filles Faux Fur Coat: 10/10

I’ll admit it: I watched the Home Shopping Network’s Youtube videos to determine whether I should buy this coat. I read so many reviews about how soft this coat is and how expensive it looks even though it costs $150. I found this “sangria” colored coat for 50% off on Nordstrom Rack and decided to go for it. I’m usually a small or medium in coats, but the reviews mentioned how big the sizing is, so I went for an extra small. Thank goodness I did because I cannot imagine how large a small would’ve been on me. This is the perfect size and I can dress it up or down however much I’d like. I love love loveeee it!

Staud Vegan Leather Coat: 7/10 (?)

I’ve never spent so much money on a coat before. I’m embarrassed to even say how much I spent on this, and it was on sale. I waited months to buy this, and I cannot tell if the coat was worth the slashed price tag. It’s beautiful and pretty warm, but I’m pretty sure I could purchase a better version of this coat elsewhere.

The sleeves are kind of long, and I wish it had more buttons. On a separate note, I wasn’t as informed about “vegan leather” as I am now, and I feel like I got cheated. The coat probably shouldn’t cost as much as it does. Even though it looks like a quality coat, I doubt it will last as long as I’d like. Maybe I’ll try to sell it or give it a chance and then donate it. Either way, it’s maybe a 7/10 for me.

Also, as much as I like Staud’s designs, their quality just isn’t it for me. Do not recommend.

The end! I hope you enjoyed this little blog. Go live out your fashionable fantasies! Get that coat, love.

Greek New Jerseyan through & through. I cover culture + lifestyle for various publications, including Apartment Therapy, Bitch Media, and more <3

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